Our targeted participants are middle school (G6 - G8) and high school (G9 - G12) students in Detroit Urban Area (Macomb county, Oakland county and Wayne county) with a diversity of socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity, cybersecurity and computer knowledge or experience. No prior cybersecurity and computer knowledge or experience, or prior GenCyber program participation is required. This summer camp will be commuter type.

Because cybersecurity is playing a more and more important role in economy and society, it is our obligation to provide all students the educational opportunity in cybersecurity for them to succeed in this world. Cybersecurity should not be privileged knowledge. The proposed summer camp site will attract a large number of socioeconomically challenged and underrepresented students from school districts in Detroit Urban Area to explore, recognize and refine their academic interests and talents in cybersecurity, pursue cybersecurity degrees, and choose cybersecurity as their career, all of which will benefit their personal life, economy, and society of the Detroit Urban Area and the United States.